Georgia Lara and Stellina Panagiotopoulou were both born and raised in Athens Greece . Together they founded “One Zipper” in 2014, and decided to blend their unique experiences.

G.L. " After 20 years in swimming pools around the world, I ended my career as an Olympic Silver Medalist and a World Champion in Water Polo.

Through the years a heavy, slow-dry and most of the times wet towel was part of the gear that I had to carry along. I decided that we needed to change that and create not only a much more effective towel, but one that would look amazing too”

S.P. " I have spent most of my life in the water. Either swimming and teaching kids how to swim or exercising my latest addiction SUP. I knew I was in need of a textile small in size that would absorb a lot of water, dry fast, and most of all, not transfer the sand from the beach. It was absolutely necessary to create a beach towel that would provide all that."

Our experiences made a perfect match to our ideas and we decided to zip these two parts together! …

We named it One Zipper.