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  • Hand Embroidered.
  • Silk Thread.
  • Closing With Double Sizing.
  • Semi Precious Stones, Beads and Sequins.
  • Stainless Steel and Anti Allergenic Closing.

Using a rare vertical embroidery technique, each of the accessories carries the history of a noble craftsmanship as old as the first Maharajas.
Along with the exceptional craftsmen, they opted to bring their technique, normally applied to the making of Indian ceremonial clothing and army uniforms, to the world of accessories. By this approach, they share a one of a kind craft while allowing numerous Indian families to keep make a living off their specific art.
Each piece is entirely embroidered by hand. Made on looms, the accessories are brought to life by the artisans, named karigars. Transmission is at the heart of their approach: each embroiderer was taught one day by one of their relatives. They will then pass the torch in the future to their descendance.

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